Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wedding Planning: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (The First 2 Months)

Weddings are supposed to be filled with love. While I have only been planning for 2 months I've learned a lot. Through my wedding planning i'm quickly finding out that that is not the case. It brings out REALLY ugly sides of some people. A day that is supposed to be about me and my fiancé is turning into fights between people that shouldn't even happen. So I have come up with a list of the good, the bad and the ugly of wedding planning in the early stages!


  • Trying on wedding dresses. I loved trying on dresses. I think I tried on 15 before I found the one and a small part of me was sad that it was over. How many times do u get to try on amazing dresses?
  • Bonding with my fiancé in new ways.
  • Discovering new things about my fiancé. (He REALLY cares about the music & food (but I already knew that one))
  • Spending time with my bridesmaids.
  • Cake tastings!
  • Bridal Shows (It's really fun winning things!)

The Bad:

  • Spending all the money! (While I want the wedding of my dreams I do not want the wedding of my dreams to have an effect on our future.)
  • Trying to get 5 girls to try on 1 dress.
  • Picking out a dress that you feel comfortable asking girls to pay for.
  • Picking a photographer.
  • I'm starting to hate Pinterest! Yes, I said it. I think I figure out what I want and then BOOM I see a picture and want to change everything from colors, flowers, table settings and decorations.
  • Invitations. They are expensive and no one really cares about them these days. When will it be acceptable to send out E-vites?

The Ugly:

  • Everyone's opinion.
  • People getting offended.
  • People fighting over MY wedding that are not me and my fiancé or me and someone else.
  • People trying to take over control.

My wedding planning is FAR from being over. I'm sure there will be more fights to come and more feelings hurt. I'm also sure these 3 list will continue to grow but I'm hoping The Good list is the one that grows the most. I also know that Oct. 12, the day after our wedding, the only thing we will care about is being married.

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