Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wedding Planning

Hello Lovelies!

I got engaged Christmas Eve! 

We are getting married October 11, 2013! I could not be happier right now. There are a few things I wish were different but I guess everything can't go the way you want it. So as of right now we have the church and reception locations booked! I have the dress I want picked out but I will continue to shop because I want to be 100% sure. Maybe I should just accept the fact that I got lucky and fell in love with the second dress I tried on but when else is it appropriate to try on beautiful dresses? So now that we are moving on to the smaller details it feel like I go back and forth before I make a decision. From bridesmaid dress colors to flowers there are soooo many options! I never realize how many details their were. I'm extremely lucky that my fiancĂ© is patient. He even came to a bridal show with me and liked it.  So does anyone have any tips for wedding planning??

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


HAPPY 2013!
I'm super excited for 2013! I have so many life changing events that will happen in 2013.
1) Graduation
2) Moving away
3) Hopefully getting a teaching job before the new school year begins.
and finally my favorite
4) Marrying my best friend!

I can easily see 2013 being my favorite year ever! I can't wait to see what each day has in store for me.

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