Thursday, March 14, 2013


Hello lovelies!
If you came here because you thought that I would be talking about spring colors then I'm sorry but I am not. But Emerald is the color of the year. You're welcome. This is about the most difficult choice I had to make so far in my wedding planning. COLORS! Before we were even engaged I wanted blush as my bridesmaid dresses color. I was using this bouquet as inspiration:

Then I thought that maybe not every one of my girls would like to wear blush because it may make you look like a ghost. SO I was like maybe navy would be pretty. So I picked navy. I was a little disappointed when I thought about decorating and how I would have to stick to mostly white. Like most brides I was searching pinterest daily. Any down time I had was spend searching the wedding section. BAD IDEA! Pinterest is great, it gives you tons of ideas BUT it also has the power of making you change your mind 10 times. So while searching I found a new photo:
AND there it was, the beautiful pink that I love. So I immediately went to Alfredo Angelo (My bridesmaid dress website) and found that the dress I picked came in this BEAUTIFUL pomegranate color. SOLD! (At that moment) When I told everyone some (ok 1 person) had "suggestions" AKA I hate pink don't choose it. So it made me think twice about it. Well the day came to pick the dresses and colors. She was not there and I had 2 of my bridesmaids that were down for anything and know how much I love pink. So they pushed me in the direction they know I really wanted. TA DAH I went with pomegranate! So the moral of the story is to be selfish and constantly remember that this is YOUR (ok, and your fiancé) wedding! Do what YOU want.

Wedding Countdown: 6 Months 27 days

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