Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Love Letter to Gap

Dear Gap,
I'm slightly obsessed with all your new spring items. Your merchandising team has also gone above and beyond to make me want to spend my money that I do not have. So I will continue to look at your beautiful pictures online while trying to come up with ways to make these outfits with my own closet OR stalk to website until sales come.

I want everything.

Also if you are like me and your bank account does not allow you to go on a spending spree then I have 5 tips for dressing up your dresses (According to Gap).

1. Layer UP! 1 word  CHAMBRAY. (Forever21 has an awesome selection right now)
2.Bare legs. I definitely have no problem showing off my pasty white legs.
3.Pick pastels.
4.Belt It! I love belts! Try a belt with a contrasting color like the pink dress with green belt.
5.Play with prints! Mix and match and figure out what you feel comfortable in. Throw some of the fashion rules out of the window!

What are you excited about for Spring?

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