Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hello Fashionistas!
I just found this awesome website called LE TOTE! Its the Birchbox of clothes! Its $49 a month but before you say wow let me tell you more about it. You fill out a style profile and the stylist pulls together 3 clothing items and 2 accessories and ship them to you! SO you get 5 pieces for $49! You cant buy that in stores. There are no late fees if you choose to keep your items for more than a month! The items you will see are made by Le Tote. So they have a wide variety to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Click the link and join! LE Tote



August is half way over which means classes start Monday and my birthday is Tuesday! I'm also proud of myself for making it this far into August and not chopping off my hair. I usually spend a year growing out my hair to cut it off in August when I can't take the heat anymore. Pinterest makes me want to chop it off and keep it long all at the same time. Oh that little devil. I know once the first drop in temperature happens I will be grateful to have my long hair to keep my ears warm. Speaking of cold and pinterest! I am 34 pins into my fall/winter board and its giving me tons of inspiration for the clothes I currently own. (ALWAYS A PLUS!) So today I thought I would leave you with some cold weather inspiration for my pinterest board!

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fall Favorites

Hello Fashionistas!

I am so ready for fall! The other day I spent 30 mins curling my hair to just have it destroyed by the humidity in 2 seconds. FAIL. So lately i've been online shopping and wishing for fall and pinning Halloween items on pinterest. One of the things i'm excited about for fall are these super cute sweaters from Old Navy they have heart, stripes and polka dot ones. J. Crew also has similar ones but i'm on an Old Navy budget. So here is a look I put together all from Old Navy!

These pieces are very versatile and can be worn so many different ways! Not to mention the red, white and black would be perfect for a UL game!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Back To School Style

Hello Fashionistas!

Load up on  notebooks, paper, & pens! Its that time of the year again BACK TO SCHOOL! I always look forward to getting new school supplies. I also love getting a new backpack! Its a constant battle of getting a cute backpack and one that can hold tons of stuff that I may need. So I complied a list of super cute backpacks and durable backpacks that are also cute!

My top choices for cute backpacks are Target and ModCloth! What are your favorites?