Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Look For Less

Hey fashionistas!

Have you ever played the InStyle Instant Stylist game? Ok, maybe i'm the only dork that has played it. Oh well. So if you haven't played it before it gives you a complete look and you get to add the "right" accessory they think completes the outfit. Sometimes I don't agree with the answer but thats just me. These outfits are SUPER CUTE but most pieces are no where near my budget. So I've decided to share an outfit and compare them to a cheaper version.

Instyle Version

Necklaces $44 & $52
Ring $42
Dress $365
Clutch $365 Raoui
Sandals $230
Total: $1,098.00

Look for Less

Dress $12.95
Shoes $48.99
Necklace $7.80
Ring $5.80
Clutch $16.47
Total $92.01

What do you think of the two versions?

Friday, July 13, 2012

High Five For Friday

Here are a few of the things I'm loving this week:

If I lived in Texas I would totally rock this look.

I love her hair and make up! Unfortunatly I think I look like a clown with red lipstick.


I love this version of ombre. I have tried the blond and it does not work for this girl.


Tv in a frame. Great way to make a big black tv on the wall look less obvious.


I hate to share my chocolate.

This was sent to me from my boyfriend. Enough said.

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What are your Friday favorites? Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

J.Crew for Fall

Hey Lovelies!
It's hot and rainy here in Louisiana and somedays its just downright miserable. Saturday me and the boyfriend went to the mall to escape the heat. After torturing ourselves at the pet store we made our way to J.Crew. J.Crew already has some of their fall items out which got me so excited for fall. While i'm loving snowballs and pool time I'm so ready to pull my boots out! Now I know here in louisiana thats at least 3 months away if i'm lucky but a girl can only dream and put together some super cute outfits on her blog. Right? So let the dreaming begin!

Look 1
Pair this super girly sweater with a stripped button down for a preppy look. Throw it on with your favorite pair of jeans and flats for a casual look. If you want to wear it to work then pair it with a pencil skirt!

Look 2:
I love everything about this look! I probably wouldn't be so brave to wear a leopard belt with it but I know someone out there has the confidence to rock it. I have just made it my mission to find this is a more budget friendly option.STAY TUNED!

So what are your "must haves" that you have spotted lately?

Friday, July 6, 2012

High Five For Friday

Hey lovelies!
HAPPY FRIDAY! Friday's are my favorite because I get to spend the weekend with my boyfriend BUT this week was special because I got to spend most of the week here.

Having this guy around to scare sketchy strangers. Little do they know he is harmless.

Having my boyfriend lean over and tell me that he can't waits until we are like them.

4th of July! A day off from work and an excuse to come into town several days early!

Advancements made in finding Mickey and getting answers!

Thats it for this week! Check out From My Grey Desk for more High Five For Friday post!

Rambling Brandy

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Setting A Clothing Budget

Hello Lovely Readers!
As a college student and a part-time worker having a budget is extremely important to me. One of the wonderful things about my job is that I have a set schedule so I can depend on getting the same amount of hours each week. When planning a clothing budget work with something you are comfortable with. Some weeks I totally rule out having a clothing budget because it just doesn't seem smart. Paying bill is at the top of my to do list when I first get my check. I like to get that money out of my account before I get too excited about having it. Then from there I figure out food, gas and other miscellaneous items that are on my NEED list. Yes, I know for some of you this is the obvious responsible thing to do but there have been times when i've thrown all responsibility out the window and bought that cute dress! Once I have figured out if having a clothing budget is possible I then think of my closet and items that I would like to add to it. Then I  turn to online shopping. For me online shopping takes some of the impulse buying out of me. I get to look at the items a few times before I even hit the store and decide if I truly love it and mentally work it into my closet. A rule for me is if I can't come up with 3 different ways to wear it or occasions I could wear it then I don't need it.  How do you figure out your clothing budget?

Now here are a few of my budget friendly items that I am loving!