Monday, February 6, 2012

Jason Wu for Target

Hey Lovelies!
I'm taking a much needed break from fighting with blogger. So Sunday me and boyfriend went out to Target to check out Jason Wu. After the Missoni madness (that I did not attend) I was a little nervous about checking things out. We arrived at Target around 11 and like I expected everything in my size was not on the rack and the clothes section was pretty dead. THEN I seen the rack with all the returns from the dressing room! It was like striking gold (or so I thought). I ended up picking out these: 

Then I got to the register proud of my findings. The cashier rang up these two items and a pot holder and my total came out to $80. I immediately had shoppers guilt. Luckily this Target is in a "mall" and boyfriend decided to walk around. As we walked I tried to ration why I spend so much on TWO items from TARGET. I couldn't do it. Then a I remembered my "Spring Wishlist" and none of these items even came close to making it. So I turned to my non-judging bf and we went back to target for me to return my items. While Jason Wu has some adorable items at Target I am happy I made the returns. Stay tuned for my Spring Wishlist later this week and hopefully my fight with blogger will be over. Tips for layout are greatly appreciated!!!


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